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You would become EXTREMELY insecure.


It will not be long before one of the most dangerous men alive! You will never have as many sexual partners in it, no matter how hard you try. “HOW MUCH?!?! TELL Mee !!” Nobody likes that guy.

Porn Stars

Trophy marriage, but only for a short time.


Sure, marrying a pornstar is the dream of every “young man”, but once you get past the honeymoon phase and have gloated to virtually every “I married a pornstar”, the reality will sink in, and it will disappear quickly straszne.Narzeczona trophy and what will be left is really scary!

Porn Stars

As Pornstar Sex And Real Life Sex differ


porn star and there is no doubt that we can learn from porn stars. The problem with porn now is that it takes longer to sex education in general. We talked about how to love, not porn in a previous blog post, and we would like to revisit this concept again. We see a lot of correspondence coming in talking about sex and the Cougars, but a lot of young cubs, who write in definitely took their cues from pornography.

Sex in the real world differs quite a bit from the floor in the porn star of the world, and while most people recognize the fact that there are so many people who put that into practice. It’s one thing to know that something is not the same, but our expectations a little skewed due to pornography and we need to adjust them. On the one hand, you should not take their moves from porn moves.

Porn stars are paid to make it look like they feel good, and while they are actually enjoying themselves quite a bit, there are definitely some action going on. Pornography is also filled with a ridiculous amount of stops and starts while males try to get myself to stay hard and females position themselves accordingly. If you have ever had sex, which has too many stops and starts, you will know that it kills the mood in a big, bad way.

There is also the fact that porn stars are made to look a certain way, they make sure that everything is in place and so their sex looks much more erotic than the usual sex is. Of course, while you are at this moment, he is not going to matter what the lighting is not perfect, or at this point you can not see the face of your Cougar in full, but aesthetically pornography having sex to an art form.

Another thing is that while women in porn seem to be open to anything, their contracts were signed in advance, and they know exactly what they are doing. There really are no surprises for the performers in pornography, when it comes to what sex acts they would perform, so if you want to be able to make it as a porn star, you have to be sure that your Cougar knows that you have planned. The more you talk about these things, the easier it will be ready to do some of them with you.

One thing that you should keep in mind, though, and this is what came up with more than a couple of times in the emails that we have received, is that most women are not going to want you to cum on their faces. The percentage of women who like to be treated like that is incredibly low, and as such you should be respected where they want you to empty your load. You can even ask during sex or before it, if it’s okay for you to cum inside them. Asking can stop the fight happened later and trust us, give Cougar a chance to say where she wants it and she’s going to tell you.

For quick and totally SFW (safe for work) an overview of how real life is different from sex porn star sex, to watch the video below.

Porn Stars